Tokyo Elects First Woman Governor by Landslide Over Abe Pick

Bloomberg & USA Today
August 1, 2016

yuriko-koikeFormer environment minister Yuriko Koike will have the spotlight more than any previous woman in Japanese politics after Tokyo elected her on Sunday as the prefecture’s first female governor, Sasakawa USA’s Tobias Harris said in a Bloomberg article reporting on the election.

“This immediately makes Koike visible in a way that no woman has been before in Japanese politics,” he said in the article by Isabel Reynolds. “A Tokyo governor is a major national figure, all the more so due to [the Tokyo Olympics in] 2020.”

“Even so, Harris said Koike’s election won’t necessarily help women advance into national leadership,” the article reads. “While Abe has promoted a longstanding target of having women in 30 percent of supervisory positions in all fields by 2020, he is far from reaching that goal in his own cabinet, where three of the 20 current members are female.”

Read more about the election in the full article here.

Harris also commented on the election in a USA Today article by Kirk Spitzer, saying, “For better or worse, in a parliamentary democracy the path to the premiership still runs through parliament, and (Koike) effectively removed herself from that struggle.” Read that full article here, or read more about Japanese politics in Sasakawa USA’s Japan Political Pulse.




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