This Is Japan’s New Stealth Jet

Foreign Policy
January 29, 2016

When Japan unveiled its new X-2 stealth jet prototype Thursday, it was sending “a clear signal Tokyo wants to be taken seriously as a military-industrial power,” Sasakawa USA’s Jeffrey Hornung said in an article in Foreign Policy by Elias Groll.

“This may be Japan saying, ‘We can do the technology, so consider us for international consortium projects’” such as the one that developed the F-35 stealth fighter, Hornung said in the article.

According to the article, “With China investing heavily in its military and throwing its weight around in the region, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sticking to his belligerent behavior, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to strengthen his armed forces.”

“This is going to play big in China as yet more evidence of Abe’s militarism,” Hornung said.

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