Third Annual Security Forum: Concerns about presidential candidates draw media reports

May 10, 2016

Joy Asico ( USA’s Annual Security Forum last week gained the attention of many American and international media outlets after speakers raised criticisms of prospective U.S. nominees for president.

Japan’s former defense minister Satoshi Morimoto, Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae, and senior Japanese Minister Shigeru Ishiba (pictured at right) all took stances against disparaging remarks made by candidate Donald Trump, though some did not mention him by name, only referenced his positions.

“One candidate has been talking about change in alliance relationship and this is a concern in Japan,” Ishiba is quoted as saying in the Navy Times. “We understand that the citizens of the U.S. choose the president and who they chose, that’s none of our business. But no matter who becomes president I think an understanding of the nature of the alliance … will lead to proper policies being implemented.” Read Ishiba’s full comments here (日本語).

Concerns also were levied toward Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders, who some worry may be too caught up with domestic issues to maintain strong international alliances, as well as Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, for her current stance against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Additional reports from Chinese and Vietnamese media focused on remarks from Adm. Scott Swift.

Below are links to the coverage, as well as video of a Japanese news report. Read more about the event, or watch the full conference on video here.

• Navy Times: Japan defends U.S. alliance amid worries stoked by Trump, Sanders
• Inside U.S. Trade: Sasae Warns Of Economic, Geopolitical Costs Of Failure To Pass TPP
• Reuters: Japan ambassador takes veiled swipe at Trump’s ‘America First’ stance
• The Japan News: Ishiba criticizes Trump
• Kyodo News Service: Ishiba says Trump lacks basic understanding of U.S.-Japan security alliance
• Asahi Shimbun: Cabinet minister takes Trump to task over recent Japan remarks
• Sankei Shimbun: ワシントンのシンポでトランプ氏の安保観に懸念 石破氏らが表明
• Asahi Shimbun: トランプ氏の核保有容認発言、石破氏「賛同しがたい
• Hokkaido Shimbun: 石破氏、トランプ氏を批判 「日韓核武装」支持せず
• Jiji Press: トランプ氏の対日政策批判=石破担当相
• Voice of America (Chinese): 美太平洋舰队司令:中国军改需创新而非仅复制
• Soha News (Vietnamese): Tướng Mỹ “chỉ dạy” ông Tập Cận Bình về cải cách quân đội

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