Scarborough Shoal key to strategic triangle of disputed territories within South China Sea

June 7, 2016

scarborough triangle mapSasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung appeared on NHK June 4 in a program discussing territorial disputes within the South China Sea. While on the program, Hornung utilized functionality of the Maritime Awareness Project web portal, a joint project by Sasakawa USA and the National Bureau for Asian Research, to demonstrate how the Scarborough Shoal is within a key strategic zone where China has been showing increased aggression.

“If China is able to connect this strategic triangle, it will have coverage of the South China Sea,” Hornung said, pointing to triangular area between the Scarborough Shoal, the Paracel Islands, and the Spratly Islands. “… This becomes really a key point here, and exactly why some people call it a red line.”


Explore the South China Sea on the Maritime Awareness Project’s interactive map here or view the full NHK program here.



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