Sasakawa USA exercise featured in World Economic Forum column

November 30, 2017

Image source: Pixabay.

William H. Saito, a special advisor to the Cabinet Office of the Japan government, wrote about ways to prepare for cyber attacks in a November 27 column published in the World Economic Forum. Saito outlined the activities and findings of a tabletop exercise (or TTX) which simulated cyber attacks on Japan’s forthcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup. The TTX was sponsored by Sasakawa USA and was held during the Cyber3 Conference Tokyo 2017, a two-day event on cybersecurity jointly held with the Kantei, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and Keio University at the 5th International Cybersecurity Symposium held at Keio’s Mita Campus on October 5-6.

Saito wrote: “Aside from the importance of sharing information and communicating across regulatory jurisdictions, one of the most important lessons gained from the TTX is that participants need to develop situational awareness as events unfold. This involves understanding how the individual pieces fit into the bigger picture, as well as being aware of the timeline of phishing attacks transitioning to power grid disruptions. The same will hold for any large cyber incident.”

Saito’s article was also posted in news outlet Eyewitness News.

For the complete article, read “This is How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack.”


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