Op-ed on Trump’s Japan rhetoric continues to get attention

Sankei Shimbun
March 10, 2016

trump graphicAn op-ed co-authored by Sasakawa USA Fellows Tobias Harris and Dr. Jeffrey W. Hornung that questions Donald Trump’s frequent condemnation of Japan’s economic and military policies is continuing to get attention.

The op-ed, originally published in The National Interest on February 26, 2016, was cited in the Sankei Shimbun March 10 in a Japanese article titled “Trump’s ‘Japan bashing’ reminiscent of U.S.-Japan friction of the 1980s; a reminder of an older era (トランプ氏の“日本たたき” 80年代の日米摩擦を彷彿 「旧時代をしのばせる」). The article cites several examples of commentary published in America that make similar points, with Harris and Hornung’s op-ed cited first and foremost. The article cites a section of the op-ed specifically involving Japanese foreign investment in the U.S. and the creation of jobs as a result of Japanese companies locating in the U.S.

The original op-ed reads:

“Indeed, while Trump laments job losses overseas, Japanese leaders have spent two decades fretting about the “hollowing out” of Japan’s manufacturing sector following years of an overvalued currency and China’s entry into the global economy. Ironically, this benefited the United States: as of 2012, Japan’s stock of foreign direct investment in the United States was second only to the United Kingdom’s. Far from “stealing” jobs from Americans, Japanese automakers have built factories across the United States, directly employing thousands of American workers. Yes, Japan still runs large trade surpluses with the United States, but it is hard to argue that this is due to currency manipulation: Japan continued to run large surpluses even in years when its currency was overvalued against the dollar.”

The Sankei Shimbun article reads:

米国の日本専門家、トバイアス・ハリス、ジェフリー・ホーナン両氏は米誌ナショナル・インタレスト(電子版)でトランプ氏の論法を「日本から米国への累積 直接投資は英国に次ぐ2位。日本の自動車メーカーは米国各地に工場を作り数千人の米国人労働者を雇用している」と批判した。


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• Harris and Hornung’s op-ed additionally was cited in “Japan Shows Why Trump Is Unfit to Lead,” a Barron’s U.S. edition article on March 15. Read that article here.




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