No big changes expected from Japanese elections, says Amb. Zumwalt

October 19, 2017

Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

“I don’t think the Japanese election is getting a great deal of attention here in DC,” said Sasakawa USA CEO Ambassador James Zumwalt in a recent Tokyo Business Today article on the U.S. perspectives of the October 22 elections in Japan. The October 16 article included comments from a range of U.S.-based experts and officials on their expectations of the parliamentary race interest on the elections in the United States.

While the results will undoubtedly have an impact on U.S.-Japan relations, Japan hands in Washington, D.C. note that U.S. policymakers and the American public are more consumed with news around China’s Party Congress, North Korea, and President Trump’s upcoming trip to the Asia-Pacific.

“Not many anticipate big changes in Japan’s U.S. policy or U.S.-Japan relations as a result of the outcome,” said Zumwalt. “There is some interest in the mechanics of the election and how it works, but China’s Party Congress and the latest DPRK (North Korean) actions are much, much bigger news.”

Click here to read the full article, “Japan’s ‘Nothing’ Election: The View From Washington,” published by Tokyo Business Today.

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