Little chance of thaw in Sino-Japanese ties at G20 summit

South China Morning Post
August 24, 2016

Tokyo’s relationship with Beijing has fluctuated greatly in the past several years, and those tensions are likely to continue through the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit that China will host next month, Sasakawa USA’s non-resident fellow Hiroko Maeda said in an article by the South China Morning Post.

“Compared with the situation in 2012, when the Japanese government purchased the Senkakus, the current relationship is better, but worse than in 2014,” Maeda, who researches Japan-China issues, said in the article by Teddy Ng. “[President] Xi [Jinping] will make the decision if he meets [Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe by considering the degree of the tension with Japan, the actual condition of U.S.-Japan-South Korea cooperation, and the situation in the South China Sea just before G20.”

Maeda’s analysis of the reasoning behind current Japan-China tensions was excluded from the article, but can be read in a recent op-ed here.

A Chinese-language version of the SCMP article additionally can be found here.



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