Japan’s Shinzo Abe, China’s Li Keqiang seek to shore up influence with Cuba on back-to-back visits

South China Morning Post
September 26, 2016

abenomics_ElectionJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepared for a visit to Cuba last week as the nation “just gets started to cultivate a relationship with Cuba,” said Hiroko Maeda, a non-residential fellow at Sasakawa USA and research fellow at the PHP Institute.

“The improvement of the U.S.-Cuba relations provided opportunities for Japan to expand its relationship with Cuba,” Maeda said in a September 23 article in the South China Morning Post. “This time, achieving economic cooperation is the biggest task for Abe.”

The article included details on both Abe and China’s Premier Li Keqiang trips to Cuba last week, what was on each leader’s agenda, and the current status of each nations’ economic relations with Cuba. Read the full article here.



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