Japan’s Economy Minister Akira Amari set to answer graft claims

Australian Financial Review
January 22, 2016

Allegations of financial impropriety against Japanese Economy Minister Akira Amari published in the weekly Shukan Bunshun magazine on Thursday could impact Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s bid to ratify the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership, Sasakawa USA’s Tobias Harris said in an article by Keiko Ujikane and Maiko Takahashi published Jan. 21 in the Australian Financial Review.

“The eruption of a scandal surrounding a key economic policymaker could complicate the Abe administration’s response to financial market volatility and its bid to ratify the TPP during the current Diet session,” Harris said in the article. “The Amari scandal differs from earlier administration scandals because Amari is not only a close ally of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe but is also effectively ‘minister for Abenomics’.”

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