Japanese prime minister offers apology for South Korean ‘comfort women’

Bloomberg News
December 28, 2015

A pending agreement between Japan and South Korea that would provide “comfort women” with compensation and an apology from the Japanese government, if it remains standing, also would be a boon to U.S. relations with both countries, Sasakawa USA’s Tobias Harris said in an article by Bloomberg News.

“Closing the book on the comfort women issue would enable [Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe to appear statesmanlike and would remove a pretty sticky thorn not only in Japan’s relations with South Korea but also with the United States,” Harris said in the article.

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staff-page-tobias-harris-photo-300x297Tobias Harris is the Fellow for Economy, Trade and Business at Sasakawa USA, specializing in topics including Japanese politics, the Japanese political economy, US-Japan economic relations, Japanese public administration and Abenomics. He can be reached via email at . View more of his research and analysis here.


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