Japan gets serious about cybersecurity as Olympics approach

The Journal
April 18, 2016

New strategies to combat cybercrime in Japan will take time to become effective but are vital to containing and reducing cyber threats, Sasakawa USA’s Admiral Dennis C. Blair said in an article by Richard Smart for The Journal (a publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan) and featured in Japan Today.

“Both the strategy and the organizations are new, and will require strong implementation and dynamic adjustment, since [technology] is evolving rapidly,” Blair said in the article, which details a number of recent attacks on high-level targets in Japan and how the country is adapting.

“I believe that over time, companies will learn what measures they must take to manage the risk of cybercrime, and that cooperation among cybersecurity companies, law enforcement organizations, and the companies victimized by cyberattacks will increase,” Blair said. “When these two positive trends reach a critical point, cybercrime can be first contained, and then reduced. However, I believe we are at least a decade from that point.”

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