Inkstick Media article examines Japan’s chance to lead on climate change

October 16, 2018

Darah Phillip, Research Assistant for Sasakawa USA, has published an article on Inkstick Media about Japan and climate change. “Japan’s Chance to Lead on Climate Change,” was published on October 16 and examines the steps Japan could take to establish a global lead in mitigating climate change. Specifically, Philip argues that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should reject burning coal as a source of energy in Japan and abroad, and work to develop and share Japanese technologies and best practices with other nations.

In addition to limiting coal usage, Philip encourages Japan to utilize and share its “best practices in fuel-efficient transportation, renewable energy technologies, and private sector climate change activism.” Japan also needs to highlight non-governmental initiatives such as the Japan Climate Initiative.

Read “Japan’s Chance to Lead on Climate Change,” on Inkstick Media.

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