How the US and its allies should prepare for the post COVID-19 world

Dr. Satohiro Akimoto with the Japan Times

How the US and its allies should prepare for the post COVID-19 world

Photo source: DIMITAR DILKOFF  / Contributor via Getty Images

-The Japan Times-

As countries reopen their economies from the COVID-19-induced lockdown, searching for the “new normal” has been a fashionable exercise of the mind.Many intuitively sensed that the post-COVID-19 world would be fundamentally different. Thinkers like Yuval NoahHarari and Jacques Attali talk about what the future may hold, and have been attracting global media attention as many observers continue to stay home wondering what the future has in store for them.

Harari argues that there are two sets of binary choices to make going forward. One is a choice between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment, the other is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity.

The bestselling historian and philosopher presents a grand, utopian view that if we chose citizen empowerment over totalitarian surveillance, and global solidarity over nationalist isolation, it will be “a victory not only against the coronavirus but against all future epidemics and crises that might assail mankind in the 21st century.”

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