Chinese military buildup ’cause of instability’ in Asia, ex-U.S. Indo-Pacific Command chief says

ADM Philip Davidson with the Japan Times
January 20, 2022

-The Japan Times-

As concerns over China’s growing assertiveness rise, including fears of a contingency — or even full-fledged conflict — erupting in the Taiwan Strait, Japan’s role in its alliance with the United States is getting renewed attention.

In a testimony before the U.S. Congress last March, then-Indo-Pacific Commander Adm. Philip Davidson said China could attempt to take control of Taiwan by the end of the decade, prompting a flurry of concern and headlines as Beijing ramped-up military exercises near the self-ruled island.

Davidson, who has since retired from the military and is now an advisor at Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, recently sat down with The Japan Times to discuss Asia’s security situation and Japan’s role in the region and in its alliance with the U.S.

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