Anxiety swells in Japan over the reality of Trump’s stances

Sankei Shimbun
May 11, 2016

DonaldRepublican Presidential Candidates Donald Trump’s political stances toward American forces in Asia could lead to diminished American power in the Pacific, Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung said May 7 in a Sankei Shimbun article.

The article details Trump’s views on foreign policy, and how carrying out his potential policies could impact the region.

“Trump’s idea to withdraw American troops stationed in Japan and Korea is shortsighted,” Hornung said in the Japanese-language article. “Doing so would end the era of America holding any power in the Pacific region, and would concede that power to China and Russia.”

「太平洋地域で米国が力を持った時代は終わり、地歩を中国やロシアに譲ることになる。」「海外に駐留する米軍を撤収させようとする考えは近視 眼的だ。」

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