Admiral Blair quoted in Financial Times article on Trump-Kim summit

June 14, 2018

Sasakawa USA Chairman Adm. Dennis Blair, former Director of National Intelligence and previous Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Command, shared his thoughts on the recent Trump-Kim summit and its resultant agreement in an interview with the Financial Times. “Democrats accuse Trump of doing ‘anaemic’ deal with Kim,” published on June 12, addresses the preliminary outcomes of the summit and future prospects for negotiation.

Addressing President Donald Trump’s announced decision to end joint military exercises with South Korea, Adm. Blair said, “It’s incredible that our president is being more accommodating to North Korean demands than the South Korean president,” adding that making the announcement without consulting either the U.S. government or South Korean officials was “staggering.”

Blair expresses his hope that Trump would “come to an understanding” after speaking with defense officials to change his position and continue joint training exercises.

Read “Democrats accuse Trump of doing ‘anaemic’ deal with Kim” in the Financial Times.

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