Liquefied Natural Gas: The Necessity of Flexibility

Author: Phyllis G. Yoshida, PhD

Categories: Energy and Technology

Dr. Phyllis G. Yoshida, Sasakawa USA Fellow for Energy and Technology, delves into the world of LNG in the context of the U.S.-Japan relationship in a new Sasakawa USA report on the global energy trade. In the report, Dr. Yoshida argues for increased U.S.-Japan cooperation in making the LNG market more transparent.

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Cybersecurity and smart grids: report on the Twelfth U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum

This report compiles the results of the second day of the Twelfth U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum. The event brought together experts from the private power and cybersecurity industries, consultants, researchers, and government regulators from both the United States and Japan to discuss cybersecurity threats to smart grids and opportunities for bilateral cooperation in addressing those threats.

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Managing the U.S.-Japan Alliance: An Examination of Structural Linkages in the Security Relationship

Author: Dr. Jeffrey W. Hornung

Recent changes on both sides of the Pacific Ocean have helped make the U.S.-Japan alliance the strongest it has ever been. This report explores the structural linkages in the U.S.-Japan alliance among the institutional actors—both policy and operational—that communicate and coordinate with one another.

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The U.S. Military Laydown On Guam: Progress Amid Challenges

Author: Dr. Jeffrey W. Hornung

In the coming years, Guam is set to take in five thousand U.S. troops from Okinawa, a move which has been called the largest project ever undertaken by the Department of Defense. This report focuses on the transfer of troops to Guam from the policy-level, addressing the history and challenges of the move, issues at stake, and local community concerns.

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