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The website located at ( is administered by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA (Sasakawa USA).

Please use ( only after reading and agreeing to the regulations here described. Please be forewarned that the content of these regulations may change without notice.

Some content is accompanied by its own usage agreement. Please use such content after reading the relevant usage agreement.

System Requirements

The following system environment is recommended for optimal viewing of this website.

  • WEB Browser
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  • JavaScript
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To view some content, plug-in software will be required in addition to the latest browser and other items described above.

* Display and operating procedures may vary between browsers.

* Screen display and printing outcome may vary depending on the settings of the OS, browser and printer used.


While every effort is made to ensure that the content of this website is accurate, Sasakawa USA makes no representations or warranties in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information found on it, and in no event will Sasakawa USA be liable for any damages of any kind due to use of the information provided on this site. The content of this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice; however Sasakawa USA will not be liable for any damages of any kind caused in such cases. While every effort is made to ensure that this website is operated correctly, network interruption or stoppage of operation may occur. In such cases, Sasakawa USA will not be liable for any damages of any kind.


Please observe the following if you wish to link to this website. Sasakawa USA will not be liable for any damages of any kind incurred through links to this site. Note also that the address of and content contained on this website may change without prior notice. Sasakawa USA is unable to provide any warranty regarding the content of sites linked to from this website, and does not endorse the use of the linked site or its content. Furthermore, the presence of a linked site on this website does not indicate a tie-up or any other special relationship between Sasakawa USA and the administrator of the linked site.

  • The following links to this website are not acceptable.
    • Links that use all or part of a logo or image contained on this site.
    • Links that cause information or other content on this website to appear as part of the page containing the link to this website.
  • Links from the following websites are not acceptable.
    • Websites containing content that libelous or defamatory to a third party, Sasakawa USA or Sasakawa USA personnel.
    • Websites that run counter to public order and morals or damage the trust in or standing of Sasakawa USA.
    • Websites that give the impression of some kind of tie-up or partnership with Sasakawa USA, or that give the impression that Sasakawa USA recognizes or supports the website linking to Sasakawa USA.
  • If for any reason it becomes impossible to comply with the requirements cited by Sasakawa USA, or if there is no intent to comply with the requirements, please remove the link immediately.
  • Even in cases where Sasakawa USA has provided permission to link to its website, Sasakawa USA may request removal of the link if it corresponds to any of the content described above or if it is judged inappropriate by Sasakawa USA.


All information contained on ( is the property of Sasakawa USA, unless otherwise specified. Usage (reproduction, transformation, distribution, etc.) of such information is forbidden without prior permission from Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, with the exception of cases where copyright law including that concerning individual usage permits such usage.

Handling of personal information

Personal information is handled and managed appropriately on the basis of the privacy policy of Sasakawa USA.

Applicable laws

Unless otherwise specified, the usage of ( and operation of these regulations comply with the U.S. law.

Unless otherwise specified, the District of Columbia Courts shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes concerning this website.


The various forms of transmission taking place on ( use SSL Secure Sockets Layer, currently the most reliable form of coded telecommunication technology for use on the Internet. Personal information is encoded in such a way that prevents it from being viewed by third parties during sending, hence ( can be used safely.

Site Operation Structure

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA operates ( direct all enquiries pertaining to this website here.


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