Senior Fellow Daniel Bob presents on U.S. policy toward Japan and Korea under next administration

September 27, 2016

How could U.S. policy toward Japan and Korea change under a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump administration? Sasakawa USA’s Daniel Bob spoke on that topic September 23 at the Workshop on U.S.-Japan-South Korean Relations, hosted at the University of California, San Diego‘s School of Global Policy and Strategy. Bob offered an American perspective of views on domestic politics and trilateral relations alongside panelists Chung-in Moon of Yonsei University and Yuichi Hosoya of Keio University, who offered Korean and Japanese perspectives on the topic.

At the event, Bob presented his paper, “The 2016 Election: U.S. Policy toward Japan and Korea under the Next Administration,” which will is set to be published in Global Asia, a journal of the East Asia Foundation, later this year. The workshop aimed to develop a network of interested individuals who could address historic and strategic issues between Japan and South Korea in an ongoing workshop and public format while serving an educational function for the UCSD community and students.

More information on Bob’s report will be released when it is published.



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