Sasakawa USA welcomes new Fellow for U.S.-Asia Relations

October 11, 2016

nelson-3bsquareSasakawa USA is pleased to welcome to its team of U.S.-Japan experts Christopher Nelson, who is best known as editor and publisher of The Nelson Report, a daily insider’s look at foreign policy and trade issues published in Washington, D.C. Nelson, who joins Sasakawa USA as Fellow for U.S.-Asia Relations, will be working on projects focused on the interaction between the media and policy makers, and U.S. management of the challenges presented by North Korea and China.

“Chris Nelson brings a wealth of knowledge on the U.S.-Japan relationship and on security, economic, and trade issues in East Asia,” said Adm. Dennis Blair, Chairman and CEO of Sasakawa USA. “The U.S.-Japan relationship is more important than ever in achieving a peaceful, prosperous, secure, and free region, and Chris will help Sasakawa USA promote the relationship to achieve those goals. We’re happy to have him join the team.”

Nelson has spent his professional life as a journalist and Asia policy specialist with a focus on Asia and U.S. policy-making. His professional career began in 1967 with United Press International in New York, and he has been an Asia policy writer and consultant since leaving Capitol Hill in 1983 to join Teramura International, a then-new company designed to facilitate U.S.-Japan business and diplomatic relations. He started what became The Nelson Report at that time. Nelson is a graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover, 1962; The University of California, Berkeley, 1967; graduate studies at McGill University, Montreal, 1970. View his full biography and areas of expertise here.

“I’m delighted to be able to continue to pursue with my new colleagues at Sasakawa USA my professional lifetime focus on U.S. policies toward Asia, especially China, the Koreas and Japan,” Nelson said. “Specifically, I look forward to pursuing a long-planned book on the interaction between the media and policy makers. What do they read, hear or see that really affects policy, and in what ways? What needs to be improved in terms of both communication of policy goals, and coverage of events, especially from the policy-makers’ standpoint?”

Nelson and Sasakawa USA’s other fellows are available for comment on news, current events, and other issues related to their areas of expertise. For more information on Sasakawa USA staff, contact Christa Desrets at (202) 296-6694 x118.

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