Why Japan will lose 20 million people by 2050

Sasakawa USA x Tofugu.com
February 7, 2017

When a country’s birth rate shrinks, it can face major challenges. When a country’s population gets older (meaning the percentage of elderly people gets bigger), that causes problems too. But what if both happen at the same time? Japan knows, because it is facing this exact crisis of population decline right now.

To promote better public understanding of this twin phenomena, Sasakawa USA teamed up with Tofugu.com, a Japanese language and culture blog. We provided our research on the topic, and they paired it with creative writing and explanatory graphics to create an article for mass consumption.

This demographic challenge that results in net population decline will be affecting most developed nations, including the U.S., in the next 30-50 years. Japan is leading the struggle, so the more we learn from their actions, the better.

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