Video: Securing Critical Resources in a New Green and Industrial Era

December 6, 2016

On November 30, 2016, Sasakawa USA partnered with the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Center at Stanford University to hold a conference to discuss and lay out the challenges, opportunities, and limitations of creating resilient supplies of critical materials. The event included expert roundtables on specific aspects of bringing rare metals from production to product. This was the first conference to bring together companies from the entire rare metal supply chain, including experts and officials from both Japan and the United States, countries that both rely on the entire spectrum of these resources for manufacturing.

Sasakawa USA plans to release a report based on the conference in 2017.

View the full conference in the video playlist below, separated as follows:

• Welcome and Scene Setter: Key Issues in Critical Resources
• Panel 1: Identifying Resource Insecurity: The unique supply line challenges of rare metals
• Panel 2: The Rare Metal Age: Industrial developments and the rush for new metals
• Video message: Setting the Government Agenda for Ensuring Critical Resources & Keynote Address: Rare Metals in Defense and National Security
• Panel 3: Identifying material concerns and solutions to enhance resiliency in supply lines
• Panel 4: Strategies for a New Industrial Age: Substitution, Recycling and a Circular Economy & Summary and Way Forward

Videos courtesy of Shorenstein APARC.




Evaluating Criticality, Thomas E. Graedel
Securing Critical Resources in a New Green and Industrial Era, John Thompson
Identifying Resource Insecurity, Yuko Yasunaga



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