Ten tools every cyber cop needs

William "Bud" Roth
January 27, 2017

What tools are necessary for law enforcement officers to successfully convict cybercriminals? In this presentation, William “Bud” Roth, Non-Resident Fellow for Cybersecurity at Sasakawa USA, details a capability assessment model for computer crime.

The presentation includes advice on the key components of building a criminal case involving cyber crime, detailing the legal process, technical means, and evidence gathering required. Each step of the process is accompanied by a relevant, real-world example. Roth concludes that cybercrime is here to stay, and law enforcement agencies must integrate cyber investigative skill sets into their recruitment practices and create career paths to keep cyber detectives on the force. He originally presented the slides January 16 at ShmooCon Epilogue, and has since updated the presentation based on feedback from the audience.

View the full presentation here.


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