Cloud cybersecurity, future development focus of panel with Sasakawa USA’s Roth

June 15, 2016


Sasakawa USA’s William “Bud” Roth recently participated as an expert panelist in the 2016 Asia Forum’s Cyber Security and Privacy series hosted by the Cyber Law Centre at Korea University in Seoul.

Roth, Sasakawa USA’s non-resident fellow for cybersecurity, joined government officials, academic experts, and business leaders from Japan and Korea at the conference, in addition to international speakers from Hong Kong and Singapore. The theme of the conference was “security and privacy for cloud computing in the Digital Age.”

The Asia Pacific Institute for the Digital Economy covered the event with a thorough report summarizing each panel and presentation, along with key takeaways on the topic.

The session in which Roth participated focused on “The Future Development of Cloud Computing Industries,” which APIDE included in its report:

[Roth] commented that migration to the cloud becomes easier every day. Security used to be a major concern, but now the trend is in the opposite direction with CEOs and CTOs looking actively for services that can outsourced to the cloud as a way to save money and ensure greater security for a firm’s most important data.


…Roth observed that a flexible regulatory framework for the cloud was key to its development as a platform for innovation. He cited the NIST framework in the U.S. as an example, pointing out that the departure point for security should be the kind of data one desires to protect rather than mandating the use of a particular technology.  

View the full report here.



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