What’s on the Agenda at the Japan-US ‘Economic 2+2’?

Mr. James Schoff

Publications What’s on the Agenda at the Japan-US ‘Economic 2+2’?

-The Diplomat-

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U.S. and Japanese government leaders will meet on July 29 in Washington, D.C., for the highest level version of a new bilateral policy coordination forum dubbed the Economic Policy Consultative Committee (or “Economic 2+2”). This first-ever Economic 2+2 ministerial occurs against the backdrop of a pitched battle on Capitol Hill to pass legislation that will subsidize semiconductor manufacturing investment in the United States, along with other provisions to protect U.S. economic security and promote competitiveness. Japan has already passed similar legislation this year, and such efforts by both countries include measures to diversify supply chains, control technology exports, and support scientific research to keep pace with China.

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