US-Japan Alliance Digest Vol 3.7

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Biden-Kishida Summit Headlines:

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  • US-Japan bolster closer ties and joint global efforts in DC summit
  • Leaders push alliance C2 upgrade, other defense enhancements
  • Summit yields several new econ and technology partnerships
  • Multiple joint initiatives on space extend alliance to the moon
  • First US-Japan-Philippine summit addresses East Asian challenges


  • PM Kishida met President Biden in Washington for an official visit on April 10-11. The summit highlighted the closeness of the two nations amid growing risks to national and economic security. Speaking to Congress, Kishida urged legislators to consider global commitments in a time of great tension. The leaders pledged a Global Partnership for the Future and launched new initiatives across the board including a new “Mineta Ambassadors” student exchange.
  • Biden and Kishida announced their “intention to…upgrade our respective command and control frameworks to enable seamless integration of operations and capabilities,” tasking the Security Consultative Committee (“2+2”) to develop and coordinate details. This could result in future changes to US command authorities in Japan and C2 relationships that allow for closer planning and execution of specific bilateral missions. The allies are also creating a new Forum on Defense Industrial Cooperation, Acquisition and Sustainment (DICAS) that will reinvigorate the Systems & Technology Forum (S&TF) to be more comprehensive and expand co-development and co-production opportunities.
  • The Biden-Kishida summit acted as a catalyst for a wide range of new bilateral commercial deals and research collaborations including a $2.9 billion Microsoft investment in Japan on AI, cloud computing, data centers, and a new research lab. They also announced a $1 billion Google investment to expand undersea cable projects with Japan, the US, and Pacific Island nations, a new US-Japan demonstration/commercialization partnership on fusion energy, and a $110 million joint AI partnership with the University of Washington, Tsukuba University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Keio University with funding from NVIDIA, Arm, Amazon, Microsoft, and a consortium of Japanese firms. Several other initiatives were mentioned on AI Safety, quantum computing, semiconductors, and supply chain resiliency.
  • Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Masahito Moriyama and NASA Administrator Bill Nelson signed an agreement April 9 to cooperate on several historic space initiatives including a combined effort for a human spaceflight to the moon. Japan will provide a pressurized rover for lunar exploration, while the US welcomes a Japanese astronaut aboard a future Artemis moon mission. The allies also discussed space tech safeguards, space science cooperation, satellite cooperation, and collaborating on constellation development. Nelson said, “the quest for the stars is led by nations that explore the cosmos openly, in peace and together.”
  • President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. met President Biden and PM Kishida at the White House April 11 for a first ever US-Japan-Philippines trilateral leaders’ summit. The three leaders discussed strengthening economic ties and security cooperation amid Chinese maritime pressure. One US official said “a multilateral lattice-like strategic architecture is [meant] to flip the script and isolate China.” Separately, the US, Japan, Philippines, and Australia conducted a Maritime Cooperative Activity (MCA) within Filipino waters in the South China Sea on April 7, and in support of this “lattice-like strategic architecture,” the US and Japan announced plans to conduct regular exercises with the UK.

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Download US-Japan Alliance Digest Vol 3.7

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