US-Japan Alliance Digest Vol 3.12

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  • Japan and US convene Extended Deterrence Dialogue in Wyoming
  • IBM and AIST sign MoU over advancement of quantum computing
  • US Consulate Fukuoka and KYUSEC launch cybersecurity partnership
  • Okinawa anti-base politics cool, then heat up with new charges
  • US adds Japan to currency watchlist as int’l account surplus grows


  • Japan and the US held the latest iteration of their Extended Deterrence Dialogue (EDD) in Wyoming June 13-14. Discussions focused on how to further bilateral deterrence capabilities, defend against potential attacks, and deter nuclear use. Strengthening cooperation was discussed and a tabletop exercise conducted to jointly address security developments in the region, characterized by North Korea’s nuclear and missile development, its collaboration with Russia, and China’s nuclear build-up. As part of a visit to F.E. Warren Air Force Base, officials received a brief on intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) and toured facilities where training is conducted on ICBM launch procedures.
  • Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and IBM Corp signed a new MoU to cooperate on industrialization of a quantum computer with 10,000 quantum bits, which is around 75 times more powerful than current advanced quantum computers. It is reported the partnership will also focus on co-developing components like semiconductors and superconducting integrated circuits needed in next-gen quantum computing.
  • Under a new initiative, the Kyushu Cybersecurity Symposium (KYUSEC) and US Consulate Fukuoka agreed to bring together Japanese and US partners from various sectors to enhance cooperation in cybersecurity across Kyushu. KYUSEC and the US Consulate have been collaborating on cybersecurity programming since last year, when they hosted a former White House advisor for discussions with Kyushu cybersecurity experts, university students, and the media. The partnership seeks to boost cybersecurity resilience in Kyushu by facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders through conferences, public outreach, trainings, and other joint activities.
  • Candidates supportive of Okinawa’s governor failed to obtain a majority in a June 16 local assembly election, casting more doubt about his strategy to stop the relocation of Futenma base from Ginowan to Nago. This election marks a departure from a string of victories for anti-base candidates over the past decade. Coinciding with this, Guam’s governor announced June 17 that about 100 US Marines in Okinawa will move to Guam in December as part of a plan to relocate up to 4,000 Marines from Okinawa by 2028. The plan seeks to redress the burden on Okinawa hosting multiple US military bases, a concern PM Kishida acknowledged and committed to keep addressing in a speech at the 79th anniversary of the Battle of Okinawa. Okinawans’ concerns about the bases spiked again, however, by recent revelations of charges against a US airman for sexual crimes in December involving a local teenage girl.
  • The US Treasury Department found in a report that although no major trading partner seemed to manipulate its currency, it added Japan to a foreign exchange “monitoring list.” Japan was dropped from the list last year for the first time, as high energy prices and food imports led to declines in its current account surplus. Despite this re-designation, the US Treasury Department noted Japan was transparent in publishing its foreign exchange interventions, referencing how Japanese authorities recently intervened to stymy the yen’s rapid depreciation against the dollar.

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