US-Japan Alliance Digest Vol 2.12

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  • Japan incoporates 1st hosted US payload for space awareness program
  • US-Japan officials meet in Missouri for Extended Deterrence Dialogue
  • US officials in Tokyo to coordinate allied defense and foreign policy
  • Japan signals new law requiring Apple & Google to open competition
  • Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor Memorials sign “sister park” agreement


  • US Amb Emanuel was on hand to see the first US sensor payload integrated with the first Japanese host satellite at Mitsubishi Electric Kamakura Works under an alliance initiative to enhance space domain awareness. Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) global positioning program will launch multiple satellites in coming years, and many will now host US-developed sensors that augment the US Space Force’s capabilities and create a new alliance asset. Separately, a bilateral framework for space cooperation signed in January went into effect on June 27. The agreement on Cooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space provides an administrative and legal framework to facilitate faster and more diverse cooperation on scientific research and space exploration for peaceful purposes.
  • The US and Japan held an Extended Deterrence Dialogue (EDD) at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri on June 26-27. Officials received briefings on the B-2 strategic bomber and decommissioned Minuteman II launch control centers. Established in 2010 as a formal dialogue on nuclear deterrence, the allies held a tabletop exercise, discussed trilateral and multilateral coordination, and alliance capabilities. The meeting furthered both countries’ pledge to strengthen the US “nuclear umbrella.” Both sides also addressed regional security, arms control, and alliance defense posture.
  • US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Kahl visited Tokyo June 16-17 to meet such counterparts as Defense Vice Minister Suzuki, Vice Foreign Minister Mori, and National Security Advisor Akiba. The allies worked to advance their “2+2” agenda from January 2023 on alliance modernization, discussing ways to enhance interoperability, allied capability to deter and respond, cooperation in new domains, and information security, among other issues. Separately, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs Kritenbrink visited Tokyo on June 20 after accompanying Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Beijing. Kritenbrink shared outcomes and reaffirmed bilateral commitments with Vice Foreign Minister Mori, Deputy Minister Ichikawa, and Asian Affairs Director General Funakoshi.
  • The Japanese government will likely join other countries in requiring Apple and Google to allow sideloading of applications onto their devices, according to a government panel report issued June 16. New rules would be designed to spur competition and lower app prices, permitting payments through third-party providers. Apple’s Japan office voiced concerns about user privacy and security, and the government panel for digital market competition promised to incorporate protection measures. Japanese legislators aim to submit related legislation to the Diet next year.
  • Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park and the Pearl Harbor National Memorial signed a sister park agreement on June 29. US officials proposed the idea to Japan in April to promote peace, mutual understanding, as well as the vision of nuclear disarmament. The signing occurred despite opposition by a Japanese group including 10 organizations and atomic bomb survivors, who wanted more discussions on planned activities. Park organizers pledged to involve the public more as they begin to implement their agreement to build a future-oriented bridge for peace and reconciliation.

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