US-Japan Alliance Digest Vol 2.10

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  • Biden-Kishida discuss alliance progress, shared challenges at G7
  • US-Japan launch landmark education/science cooperation accord
  • US-Japan ministers meet on econ security amid rising chip investment
  • 15th Joint High-Level Committee meeting on science & technology
  • US Space Force sensors to be hosted on Japanese satellites


  • President Biden and PM Kishida met on May 18 ahead of the G7 Hiroshima summit to discuss bilateral alignment across multiple sectors and countering coercion. In a joint statement the two underscored their commitment to oppose any attempts to change the status quo by force, signaled resolve against Russian aggression, and reaffirmed their positive economic leadership. They also “instructed their ministers to reinforce cooperation on the development and effective employment of Japan’s counterstrike and other capabilities” at a time described by both as the most complex security environment in recent history. The two leaders also met together with South Korea president Yoon.
  • Secretary of State Blinken and Japan’s Minister for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Nagaoka signed a major new Memorandum of Cooperation in Education on May 21. Following the signing, leading US and Japanese technology companies and universities announced more than $210 million of investment in academic partnerships focused on quantum computing and semiconductor engineering. The agreement initiates an annual bilateral high-level education dialogue to create opportunities for students, faculty, and researchers to explore new technologies. The initiative is bolstered by companies such as IBM and Google who contributed $150 million to a 10-year partnership between the University of Tokyo and the University of Chicago to advance quantum computing. Micron, dedicated $60 million over five years to build the University Partnership for Workforce Advancement and Research & Development in Semiconductors (UPWARDS), which involves 11 universities in the US and Japan.
  • Commerce Secretary Raimondo and METI Minister Nishimura met in Detroit for a Japan-US Commercial and Industrial Partnership (JUCIP) ministerial on May 26. They discussed bolstering semiconductor supply chains, cooperation on export controls, and emerging technology across many sectors. The allies will increase ties between technological research and development hubs as they emphasized the role of critical technologies in strengthening industrial competitiveness and economic security. Concurrently, US semiconductor maker Micron said it will invest $3.6 billion into Japan over the next few years. With support from Japan’s government, the company will install new technology at its Hiroshima plant to produce next generation dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips. Separately, Intel CEO Gelsinger told PM Kishida in a meeting that his company could partner with Japanese firms to drive sustainable chip manufacturing, develop quantum computing, and enhance the manufacture ecosystem.
  • The US and Japan convened their 15th meeting of the Joint High-Level Committee on science & technology May 16. It involved leaders of multiple ministries and agencies, with strategic focus on data science, climate change, and biotech.
  • The US Space Force announced delivery of a 2nd set of optical sensors to Japan on May 17 to enhance the allies’ space domain awareness and resiliency. The MIT-developed equipment will be hosted by Japan’s geostationary Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS). Launch dates are uncertain as Japan works to fix problems with its H3 rocket system.

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