US-Japan Alliance Digest Vol 1.4

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Image Source: Korea Herald
  • Vice Foreign Minister-level meeting tackles Ukraine, other issues
  • Japan’s Foreign Minister shares views on alliance for DC event
  • Renewable energy development firms strike partnership
  • Japan economic security legislation approved by major parties
  • PacFleet Commader Paparo hosts Japan & Australia Navy chiefs


  • Deputy Secretary of State Sherman spoke with Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Mori on February 15 to coordinate policies in support of Ukraine, as that country tries to fend off Russian aggression. After Russia’s invasion on the 24th, PM Kishida joined a G7 leaders meeting and pledged full coordination with steps to punish Russia’s violations of international law. Sherman and Mori also covered other alliance interests including economic cooperation and the new Economic Policy Consultative Committee (“Economic 2+2”), combating the COVID-19 pandemic, and handling the North Korean nuclear challenge in collaboration with South Korea. All three met at a vice ministers’ trilateral earlier this month.
  • Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi spoke on US-Japan relations and plans for boosting synergy across the Indo-Pacific region at a Washington think tank event on February 18. Hayashi endorsed alliance efforts to restore the regional balance of military and economic power through a “multi-faceted” effort “to reinforce our national strength including economic growth and advances in technologies, as well as military capabilities.” He outlined four points from his January meeting with Secretaries Blinken and Austin, stating that increasing integrated deterrence with the US, maintaining a common strategic picture of the region’s security environment, making key investments in emerging technologies, and cooperating with likeminded allies and partners were central to Japan’s efforts going forward in conjunction with the United States.
  • A co-development/co-investment partnership to develop solar energy and energy storage projects in the American South was formalized between US renewables developer Solariant Capital and Japanese energy investor Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure (DEI). The partnership will build upon California-based Solariant’s existing portfolio of renewable energy projects in the United States. DEI is part of the Daiwa Securities Group in Tokyo.
  • Japan’s ruling parties approved a draft economic security bill on February 16. The bill outlines penalties for public and private sector violators of the legislation in addition to focusing on four areas of the country’s economic security: strengthening supply chains, prior screenings of critical infrastructure, public/private cooperation on advanced technologies, nondisclosure of patents on sensitive technologies for military applications. The legislation could facilitate US-Japan cooperation in high-tech fields by harmonizing some rules and processes, but it reportedly leaves out an expanded security clearance system. Cabinet approval is expected February 25.
  • US Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Samuel Paparo hosted a trilateral engagement with the chiefs of navies from Australia and Japan in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, February 21-22.

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