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Image Source: Nikkei Asia
  • US-Japan advanced semiconductor partnership reported
  • Bilateral dialogue on extended deterrence held at US submarine base
  • Officials meet in DC to accelerate plans for Economic 2+2 ministerial
  • US-Japan join with partners on infrastructure, Pacific Islands initiatives
  • Joint memorial service for WWII airmen/local civilians held in Shizuoka


  • Japan’s Nikkei Shimbun reported on June 15 that the US and Japan governments will support a bilateral semiconductor technology partnership to aid private companies from both countries with research, design and production of two nanometer chips. This next generation semiconductor manufacturing base could open in Japan as early as 2025. These smaller semiconductors will be used in devices such as quantum computers, data centers, and smartphones, providing reduced power consumption along with speedier processing. The partnership stems from a May agreement on semiconductor cooperation basic principles signed by Commerce Secretary Raimondo and Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Minister Hagiuda at their Japan-US Commercial and Industrial Partnership (JUCIP) meeting. Details could be provided after the Economic 2+2 summit planned for late July.
  • US and Japanese officials met at King’s Bay Naval Base in Georgia on June 21-22 for the Extended Deterrence Dialogue (EDD). The EDD, held roughly annually since 2010, is a bilateral forum to discuss the US “nuclear umbrella” and how arms control, nonproliferation, conventional forces, and missile defense contribute to integrated deterrence. The two sides shared assessments of the regional security environment, and the US side gave a brief on its nuclear modernization program and nuclear posture review. Participating foreign and defense officials also boarded an Ohio-class submarine. Separately, US Pacific Fleet Commander Paparo visited Japan June 23-24 for security consultations, and US fighter aircraft and logistics squadron from Hawaii carried out agile combat employment (ACE) training in Japan.
  • Director-level government officials from Tokyo met with Deputy Assistant Secretary counterparts in Washington, DC June 22-23 to continue preparations for the first ministerial level Economic Policy Consultative Committee meeting (EPCC or Economic 2+2). Japan Foreign Minister Hayashi and METI Minister Hagiuda will visit Washington in late July to help prioritize and coordinate economic security policies for the alliance (including supply chain resiliency, energy security, and countering economic coercion) with Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Commerce Raimondo.
  • The United States, Japan, Australia, Britain and New Zealand on Friday launched a “Partners in the Blue Pacific” initiative on June 24 to step up engagement with Pacific island countries in such areas as climate change, transport, maritime security, health and education. In addition, the US and Japan joined with G7 nations on June 26 to create a Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment to mobilize $600 billion by 2027 in global investments.
  • Members of the US Air Force and Japanese Air Self-Defense Force participated in a joint memorial service on June 11 to honor the memory of US airmen and local residents killed in a midair collision over Shizuoka City in 1945. Dr. Sugano, the ceremony’s host, works every year to ensure US forces can participate in the annual ceremony to remember the lives lost and the sacrifices made by residents without distinction by the victims’ nationality in the aftermath of the tragedy. He described this recurring effort as a “step toward international reconciliation and world peace.”


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