Mr. James L. Schoff Leads the U.S.-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative as Senior Director

September 15, 2021

Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA (Sasakawa USA) is pleased to announce that Mr. James L. Schoff will join Sasakawa USA on October 1, 2021, as Senior Director to lead the U.S.-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative.

The U.S.-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative is a forum for bilateral dialogue, networking, and the development of joint recommendations involving a wide range of policy and technical specialists, in and out of government, to stimulate new alliance connections across foreign, security, and technology policy areas. The purpose is to help improve the alliance and how it serves shared interests, preparing it for new challenges. The Initiative includes two overlapping lines of effort: 1) Foreign & Security Policy, and 2) Technology & Innovation Connections.

The U.S.-Japan alliance has evolved greatly over its 60-year history, but it must continue do so within an increasingly complex and rapidly changing geostrategic environment. With Mr. Schoff’s leadership, The U.S.-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative aims to serve as a trusted, valued, and globally recognized forum for alliance dialogue. It aims to be non-partisan, well-informed, policy-focused, and action-oriented.

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