Outreach and Resources

Congressional Outreach

Sasakawa USA is committed to engaging with Congress to build a greater understanding of the U.S.-Japan relationship. With access to an expansive network of U.S.-Japan experts, Sasakawa USA provides thought provoking briefings, timely reports, and concise fact sheets to support Congress in developing the best policy solutions for the challenges facing the U.S.-Japan Alliance.

Japan-US Military Program (JUMP)

JUMP is a collaborative effort between Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, the Embassy of Japan in the United States, and the National Association of Japan-America Societies with the mission of connecting those who have served in Japan. The program was launched in April 2015.

Maritime Awareness Project (MAP)

The Maritime Awareness Project is a joint initiative of Sasakawa USA and The National Bureau of Asian Research that seeks to improve public understanding of critical maritime problems and possible routes to their peaceful resolution. MAP features a unique, interactive map that visualizes key data at the heart of ongoing maritime disputes and related issues, alongside analytical papers and discussions.

Asia on Air podcast

Asia on Air is a Sasakawa USA podcast committed to analysis of the latest news in U.S.-Asia relations. Through the lens of the U.S.-Japan relationship, each episode features expert opinions on a variety of subjects ranging from security and foreign policy to economics and culture.

Sasakawa USA’s US-Japan Resource Library

Sasakawa USA’s research fellows have curated a list of documents that are key to the U.S.-Japan relationship, from its inception to today. These treaties, articles, laws and statements have helped build and shape the tenor of that relationship. We hope this U.S.-Japan Resource Library will help others build upon their knowledge of bilateral relations between the U.S. and Japan.

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