Masayuki Hironaka

The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Roles of the Japan Self-Defense Forces: Past, Present, and Future

Author: Yoshikazu Watanabe, Masanori Yoshida, and Masayuki Hironaka

Since the end of World War II, a close alliance with the United States, spanning security, economy, and society, has been the key feature of Japan’s foreign relations. In this publication, the authors examine the roles and missions shouldered by the JSDF as well as its future challenges under the U.S.–Japan alliance.

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The North Korean Nuclear Test and the US-Japan Alliance

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair and Lt. General Masayuki Hironaka

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The United States, Korea and Japan should take coordinated action that includes increasing financial sanctions on North Korea and reassessing the extended deterrence strategy to address its latest nuclear test. Even if the North Korean nuclear program is not reversed, the penalties for pursuing it must be increased.

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