Dennis Blair

Trade with Japan is hugely beneficial to the U.S. and Pennsylvania

Author: By Dr. Satu Limaye and Adm. Dennis Blair

Categories: In the News

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election has ignited renewed interest from the American public in weighing the benefits and importance of U.S. engagement in Asia. Let’s look at the facts: Trade, foreign investment, Asian students at American universities, tourism, and even immigration create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans.

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South China Sea: How to prevent China from changing the status quo

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair and Dr. Jeffrey Hornung

Categories: In the News

In recent months, China sent at least 36 ships into Japan’s territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. In the South China Sea, a flotilla of Chinese barges and coast guard ships have sailed around the Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal. This ramped up Chinese activity has stoked fears in Tokyo and Manila that China is positioning itself to change the status quo.

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The global threat that went undiscussed at the G20 Summit

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

Categories: In the News

What was not officially discussed at this year’s G20 but should have been front and center throughout the summit was the increasingly dangerous threats against every nation in the civilized world posed by cyber crime and cyber warfare. The issue with potentially the most damage to the globe was barely discussed, aside from an unscheduled meeting between Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, of Russia, where cyber capacities were briefly mentioned.

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Japan-Russia Relations: Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Author: Dennis Blair, Daniel Bob, Gilbert Rozman, Alexander Nikolaevich Panov, Kazuhiko Togo, Tomohiko Taniguchi, Dmitry Streltsov, Yasuhiro Izumikawa, Georgy Toloraya, Vasili Kashin, Frank Jannuzi, Hirofumi Arai, Alexander Gabuev

May 6, 2016

This volume brings together analyses from leading economic and security experts who describe an underdeveloped Japan-Russia economic relationship, a series of ingenious but unsuccessful diplomatic and cartographic attempts to divide the Northern Territories in a way that both countries could claim as a win, and very subtle signaling by Russia and Japan that their concerns about China may present a margin for better relations with one another.

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Assertive Engagement: An Updated U.S.-Japan Strategy for China

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

The U.S.-Japan alliance requires a fresh new strategy of “Assertive Engagement” toward an increasingly ambitious China to assuage territorial uncertainties in the Asia-Pacific and maximize opportunities for economic influence. That’s the recommendation of “Assertive Engagement: An Updated U.S.-Japan Strategy for China,” a new report authored by Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO Admiral Dennis Blair.

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