Dennis Blair

Japan’s Energy Conundrum

Author: Phyllis Genther Yoshida, Dennis Blair, Robert Alan Feldman, Ken Koyama, Jane Nakano, Llewelyn Hughes, Nobuo Tanaka, Yukari Niwa Yamashita, Michael Smitka, Ken Haig, Jun Arima, Tom Cutler

Sasakawa USA is pleased to bring together an outstanding group of senior scholars, all with extensive knowledge and experience, to analyze and explain the many facets of Tokyo’s energy situation and its intersection with the U.S.-Japan relationship. Japan’s Energy Conundrum provides insights into how Japan is seeking to resolve its current energy conundrum in the aftermath of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

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China’s Intellectual Property Theft Must Stop

Author: Admiral Dennis C. Blair and General Keith B. Alexander

Categories: In the News

Admiral Dennis Blair co-authored this opinion piece with General Keith Alexander, a former commander of the United States Cyber Command and a former director of the National Security Agency, on the importance of challenging China’s theft of U.S. intellectual property.

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WannaCry’s lesson for the U.S.-Japan alliance

Author: Dennis Blair, Bud Roth

Categories: In the News

The WannaCry ransomware attacks remind us that malicious malware crosses borders without pause and has the potential to cause serious harm to friend and foe alike. The U.S and Japan need to take steps beyond information exchange and develop a list of actionable items for collaborating on reducing vulnerabilities and responding to incidents.

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Celebrating Japan’s constitution, 70 years later

Author: Adm. Dennis Blair and Daniel Bob

Categories: In the News

November 3 marks the 70th anniversary of the promulgation of Japan’s constitution, a remarkable document forged in the aftermath of World War II that has guided the country’s democratic development, allowing Japan to overcome the bitterness of the war years, regain its position in the international community, and set the country on a path to economic prosperity.

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Into the Gray Zone: The Private Sector and Active Defense against Cyber Threats

Author: Center for Cyber & Homeland Security

Categories: Cybersecurity

A new report from the GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security offers the most comprehensive assessment to date of the legal, policy and technological contexts that surround private sector cybersecurity and active defense measures to improve U.S. responses to evolving threats. The report draws on knowledge from a task force co-chaired by Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO Adm. Dennis Blair and other experts in the public and private sectors who are thought leaders in technology, security, privacy, law and business.

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