Daniel Bob

U.S.-Japan Approaches to Democracy Promotion

Author: Daniel Bob, Michael Auslin, Larry Diamond, David J. Kramer, Yasunobu Sato, Tsuneo Akaha, David I. Steinberg, Aung Din, Richard C. Kraemer, Mitsugi Endo

March 24, 2017

Cooperation to support democratic development should be an important component of the U.S.-Japan Alliance, and this volume is intended both to endorse it and to propose practical measures for both countries to take.

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Encouraging Japan to go nuclear won’t denuclearize North Korea

Author: Daniel Bob

During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump said that a nuclear-armed Japan might not be a “bad thing” for the United States “because of the threat of North Korea.” In a recent op-ed, Charles Krauthammer seemed to agree. Both are wrong: a nuclear-armed Japan would endanger American—and Japanese—security interests, while only reinforcing North Korea’s determination to keep its nuclear weapons as the key to its survival.

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The Onsen Summit: Why Abe is seeking a settlement from Russia

Author: Tomohiko Taniguchi and Daniel Bob

Categories: In the News, View from Tokyo: Tomo Taniguchi's Take

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, is slated to visit Japan on December 15 and 16. He will arrive at a small airport on the western edge of Japan’s main island and stay at a traditional onsen (hot spring) inn located in the hometown of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. There, Messrs. Putin and Abe will hold an unusual tête-à-tête — one between two middle-aged, naked men, bathing in the warm waters of Nagato city.

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