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Fiscal 2018 Tax Reforms Aim at Overcoming Deflation

The Liberal Democratic Party and Kōmeitō announced a tax reform package for fiscal 2018 that will affect the income tax, the corporate tax, and the tax on business succession (inheritance tax) as well as establish such new taxes as a departure tax for travelers leaving Japan.

Japan’s Politics in 2018: Prospects for Abe’s Constitutional Revision Agenda?

Prime Minister Abe is seen as likely to win reelection as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party this September, enabling him to lead Japan for another three years. He is eager to get Japan’s post–World War II Constitution amended for the first time, but accomplishing this will be a major challenge.

A Homecoming of the Heart: Shakuhachi Player Bruce Huebner

California native Bruce Huebner fell in love with the shakuhachi flute as a young man, and in the subsequent decades he has become an accomplished composer, performer, and teacher of the traditional Japanese woodwind instrument. A long-time resident of Japan, he spent many years in Fukushima, where he developed a deep affinity for the prefecture’s people and natural surroundings. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, he has used his music to connect with people affected by the disaster.

Trump in Japan: Can America Address Its Strategic Shortcomings?

US President Donald Trump kicked off his tour of Asian nations with his first visit to Japan, a vital ally to the United States. Summit meetings with Prime Minister Abe Shinzō produced agreement on the need for a stronger alliance to pressure North Korea and forge a free, open Indo-Pacific region. But can a fading American presence in the face of China’s rise be reversed?