Energy and Technology

In Japan, ‘soul searching’ years after disaster

Japan meets about 84 percent of its energy needs with imports, writes Umair Irfan, recipient of the 2016 Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship. While nuclear power gave the country an energy source that played to its strengths in high-technology manufacturing and a robust domestic supply chain, after the triple disaster of 2011, much of the Japanese public remains uncomfortable with returning to nuclear.

Japan is building planes. Think less fuel, like its cars

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) family of aircraft, with between 70 and 100 seats, promises the highest fuel efficiency and the lowest pollution compared with its competitors in the booming regional jet market. The first few aircraft are currently undergoing testing in the United States.

Toshiba in crisis after failed nuclear gamble

Toshiba is in profound difficulties, facing enormous losses from its nuclear subsidiary and forced to sell off its profitable flash memory business. Journalist Mori Kazuo traces the path from President Nishida Atsutoshi’s 2005 gamble to pull the company out of stagnation up to its present troubles.