Asia on Air Episode 09: Diving into Japan’s Energy Conundrum

July 23, 2018

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami resulted in a nuclear disaster that upset Japan’s energy policies, challenging its ability to provide secure and reliable energy to its residents at an affordable cost. In the seven years since then, Japanese officials have faced a conundrum: with its limited domestic resources, how can Japan ensure affordable access to energy while working towards its climate change goals?

In this episode of Asia on Air, host Brian Graf talks to Senior Fellow for Energy and Technology Dr. Phyllis Yoshida about Sasakawa USA’s latest book, Japan’s Energy Conundrum, which takes a detailed look at Japan’s energy challenges and offers recommendations for Japanese and U.S. policymakers.

Listen in below for a discussion on Japan’s energy policy since March 11, 2011, and opportunities for U.S.-Japan partnership in energy policy and security, and read Japan’s Energy Conundrum to learn more.


About the Guest

Phyllis Genter Yoshida is the Senior Fellow for Energy and Technology at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA. Prior to joining Sasakawa USA, she served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, Europe, and the Americas at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), coordinating bilateral relationships and serving as the Lead Shepherd of APEC’s Energy Working Group. She also served as DOE’s Director of the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership, a government-industry cooperative research partnership.


• Host and Creator: Brian Graf
• Guests: Dr. Phyllis G. Yoshida
• Producer and Engineer: Darah Phillip
• Music by HitsLab and Moby Gratis


Asia on Air is a Sasakawa USA podcast committed to analysis of the latest news in U.S.-Asia relations. Through the lens of the U.S.-Japan relationship, each episode features expert opinions on a variety of subjects ranging from security and foreign policy to economics and culture. Click here to view the Asia on Air SoundCloud channel, where future episodes will be uploaded.

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