Asia on Air Episode 04: Chris Nelson on North Korea, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drama

May 15, 2017

Join us for Episode 04 of Asia on Air, with Capitol Hill and Asia expert Chris Nelson discussing his decades of experience with and observations of the U.S.-Japan-DPRK drama.

The recent exchanges of threats between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, as well as North Korea’s annual military parade marking the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, have brought these issues back into the spotlight. But, how much of the discussion is posturing and how much is progress? Chris Nelson provides a breath of fresh air to key questions about North Korea.



• Host and Creator: Brian Graf
• Guest: Chris Nelson
• Producer and Engineer: Graham Dietz
• Music by HitsLab and Moby Gratis




Asia on Air is a Sasakawa USA podcast committed to analysis of the latest news in U.S.-Asia relations. Through the lens of the U.S.-Japan relationship, each episode features expert opinions on a variety of subjects ranging from security and foreign policy to economics and culture. Click here to view the Asia on Air SoundCloud channel, where future episodes will be uploaded.

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