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Hello, my name is Vivian Chen and I have worked as the Sasakawa USA Communications Intern since January 2021. In 2016, I graduated with a dual B.A. in International Studies and Japanese Studies from Case Western Reserve University and taught English in Japan via the JET Program. Before joining Sasakawa USA, I worked in various fields in U.S.-Japan relations including as a Residential Advisor for the TOMODACHI Initiative and a Policy Research Fellow at the Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies.

Next month, I will be graduating with my M.A. in International Economy and Japan Studies from Johns Hopkins University SAIS. After I finish graduate school, I am aiming to work in the U.S. federal government in a field where I can continue to support further strengthening of U.S. ties with East Asia as a 2022 Presidential Management Fellows Program Finalist.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Annual JUMP Dinner and was immediately interested in working for Sasakawa USA and supporting the U.S.-Japan alliance. Luck and timing just happened to work in my favor when I first applied to my internship position during the winter of 2020. It was almost surreal to be not attending but actually working for the 2022 Annual JUMP Dinner as a Sasakawa USA team member and to see the U.S.-Japan alliance in action at the grassroots level.

I am so grateful for having been given the chance to intern with Sasakawa USA for as long as I have. During my time at the organization, I have focused on boosting Sasakawa USA’s presence through expanding our audience and promoting our activities. It has been incredibly rewarding for me to see our outreach numbers grow in the past year both virtually and in-person. I want to give special thanks to the whole Sasakawa USA team and in particular, my supervisor, Ms. Izumi Swarts.

Izumi has been with me every step of the way from when I was first struggling to learn the ropes of my internship position. She has gone out of her way to be flexible and understanding as I interned during the craziness of graduate school and I cannot appreciate her kindness enough. After departing from Sasakawa USA next month, I still plan to leverage the skills and knowledge I have gained on the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship, hopefully in federal service. My deepest gratitude to Sasakawa USA!


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