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Japan Political Pulse

Japan Political Pulse aggregates major opinion polls conducted by Japanese media outlets in order to provide a more accurate picture of the public approval ratings of Japanese Prime Minister Cabinet.

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Featured Projects and Resources
  • Maritime Awareness Project

    MAP, a new joint initiative of Sasakawa USA and The National Bureau of Asian Research, improves public understanding of critical maritime problems and possible routes to their peaceful resolution. MAP features a unique, interactive map that visualizes key data at the heart of ongoing maritime disputes and related issues, alongside analytical papers and discussions.

  • JUMP

    The Japan U.S. Military Program (JUMP) connects past and present service members, families, and government civilians who have served in Japan, providing a powerful foundation for continued engagement that will help sustain this important bilateral relationship.

  • Sasakawa Forum

    Sasakawa Forum provides a new platform for research and analysis related to Japan and U.S.-Japan relations in a bilateral, regional, and global context. Click through for the latest published work and details on how to submit.

  • Issue Briefs

    Ever wonder what Collective Self-Defense means? Or wanted to track the history of Abenomics policy? How about learning more about Japan's demographic crisis brought on by the combination of low birthrates and the world’s longest life expectancy? Find all that and more in our Issue Briefs section, which provides guides to the top issues affecting the U.S.-Japan relationship today.

  • U.S.-Japan Resource Library

    Sasakawa USA’s research fellows have curated a list of documents that are key to the U.S.-Japan relationship, from its inception to today. The U.S.-Japan Resource Library is the ultimate reference guide to the treaties, articles, laws, and statements that have helped build and shape the tenor of that bilateral relationship.