Privacy Policy

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA (SPF-USA) has determined the following policy for the handling of personal information, and makes every effort to manage, appropriately use and store such information when collected.

Collection of personal information

SPF-USA collects only such personal information as necessary for smooth operation of the services (sending of publications, receipt of questions and opinions, etc.) it provides. Collected information is used within the scope of the usage objectives here specified.

However, in the following cases presentation of the usage objectives may be abbreviated.

  • Upon provision of personal information during interviews with SPF-USA personnel, exchange of business cards or similar occasions.
  • Upon receipt of business cards and the like at seminars, lectures and similar events.

When sending and receiving information including personal information the SPF-USA website uses SSL coded telecommunications technology. Personal information entered and sent via the SPF-USA website is encoded and sent safely.

Personal information usage objectives

Unless otherwise provided for by laws and ordinances, personal information is used for the following objectives only.

  • Sending of SPF-USA publications or related books.
  • Sending of information about seminars, lectures and the like hosted or supported by SPF-USA.
  • When requested to amend or delete personal information, SPF-USA will do so immediately.

Disclosure to third parties

Unless otherwise provided for by laws and ordinances, personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties without prior consent of the individual concerned. When contracting part of a service (sending of publications, etc.) to a contractor or the like, necessary and appropriate guidance will be provided to the contractor and supervision will be performed to fully protect personal information.

SPF-USA may revise this policy without prior notice. Please direct enquiries regarding handling of personal information to

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