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Word of the Day

cherry blossom viewing

Pronounced: hanami
Literally "flower see", hanami is a Japanese tradition that occurs each spring. People gather for picnics with family, friends and coworkers under the blooming cherry blossom, or "sakura", trees to enjoy the fleeting beauty of Japan in the springtime.

  • Womenomics

    “Womenomics” is a term adopted by Prime Minister Abe to describe a group of initiatives under the “Abenomics” umbrella concerning equalizing roles in the Japanese workforce.

  • Abenomics

    “Abenomics” is the informal name used for a set of economic policies introduced by Prime Minister Abe to alleviate two decades of economic stagnation.

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed regional trade agreement currently being negotiated between 12 countries, and is considered to be one of the most ambitious free trade deals ever attempted.

  • Collective Self-Defense

    Japan recently reinterpreted the right of Collective Self Defense as outlined by the United Nations, which refers to the right of members of the United Nations to defend other members of the United Nations.

  • Japan's Demographic Future

    Japan has low birth rates, long life expectancies and a population in overall decline. This combination presents major challenges to the country economically, politically and socially.